Climate Justice

Take Part in Supporting a Global Methodist Movement for Climate Justice!

Take Part in Supporting a Global Methodist Movement for Climate Justice!
Before a climate vigil at General Conference 2016 sponsored by the Pacific Northwest Conference of The United Methodist Church.

There are 70 million people in the Methodist family around the world. What if our Methodist movement, led by the prophetic voice of young people, became known for our commitment to climate justice motivated by our love of Jesus? Young people have led the global movement for climate justice, their words and actions offering a prophetic witness to the urgency and importance of climate action. This project will be youth-led—drawing on the groundswell of young people in our churches—but inspiring the entire Methodist movement to engage with climate action.

COP26—the 2021 U.N. Climate Change Conference—will take place in Glasgow next year, and the British Methodist Church is funding two young workers from Britain and four young people from partner churches in Fiji, Italy, Zambia and a fourth country to work toward bringing the global Methodist movement together into a deeper and more sustained response to the climate crisis.

For this project to be truly global, the United Methodist Church has been invited to recommend and nominate young people and supporters willing to volunteer their time to work alongside them in this year-long project. United Methodist Women is helping to coordinate this process.

There are two types of volunteers needed for the global Methodist COP26 Project in 2020/2021: Campaign Shapers and Church Ambassadors.

Please use this form to nominate yourself or someone else for the volunteer roles of Campaign Shaper or Church Ambassador (see position descriptions below). Either United Methodist Women or the British Methodist Church will follow up if you or your nominee are invited to participate.

Campaign Shapers
Campaign Shapers will co-create the campaign alongside the Campaign Team. They will bring perspectives of different communities around the world and help to raise a diverse voice to call for climate justice. 

Shapers will form a network of young people which can support the development of the campaign throughout the year during which it will be active. They will work closely as a virtual group around the six members of the global Campaign Team. They will offer feedback on emerging ideas and help to shape final campaign ideas through consultation and discussion. They will bring their unique perspective of the effects of the climate crisis, or climate advocacy and action. 

This role is suited to a young person with an interest in climate advocacy and action, which might come from a personal experience of campaigning or experience with climate change. Shapers should highlight what experience and knowledge they hope to bring to the role, as well as what they might hope to get out of participating in the campaign.


  • Initial consultation meeting to find out more about the project conducted via video conferencing in Autumn 2020 (2ꟷ3 hours). 
  • Participation with the Campaign Team throughout the year of the campaign to be decided in consultation with the COP26 campaign workers. This may take the form of a monthly zoom call and e-mail conversations.

Church Ambassadors
Church Ambassadors will enable the campaign to take root in their own national churches. They will bring to the role an awareness of church networks and processes and an ability to influence and inspire people. The campaign has the support of several Churches within the Methodist family as well as the World Methodist Council.  

Church Ambassadors are needed to help the campaign to reach the agendas, business meetings, worship plans or youth programs of national Churches before and during the Campaign. Church Ambassadors will work with the Campaign Team to identify opportunities to connect with their own Churches, finding ways in which the campaign can plug into processes and programs.

This role is suited to young people who have experience representing their Church at a local or national level (for example, on boards or committees). Experience influencing, campaigning or representing a cause or issue is also valuable. Ambassadors should highlight what networks and groups they hope to influence through their role, and what they hope to get out of representing the campaign.


  • Initial consultation meeting to find out more about the project conducted via video conferencing in Autumn 2020 (1-2 hours).
  • Meeting with the Campaign Team in late Autumn 2020 via Zoom (1-2 hours).
  • Regular ambassadors’ network meetings in the early months of 2021 (monthly, 1-2 hours), plus emails.
  • Flexible personal time commitment to sharing the campaign within your networks, which may take several hours per month depending on meetings and networking. This can be explored with the COP26 Campaign Team.

If you have any questions, please contact United Methodist Women at

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