Ten Reasons for Giving at Year End

There are many reasons to give to United Methodist Women this month.

Ten Reasons for Giving at Year End

Several years ago, Discipleship Ministries published a brochure called “Ten Reasons for United Methodist Giving at Year End.” Those 10 reasons can spark our thinking about the ways we might make a special year-end gift to United Methodist Women and how we witness to our faith through the ministries we support. We’ve adapted the original text slightly to represent United Methodist Women members’ giving.
Reason 1: It’s an opportunity to make an extra gift to Mission Giving or the Legacy Fund. Frequently our regular giving represents the basic or minimum expression of our commitments. As the year winds up we discover that we can do more and are moved to make a larger gift.
Reason 2: It’s an opportunity to give a Gift in Memory.  At year end we think back on all those persons who have touched our lives—perhaps a special teacher or member of United Methodist Women or a family member. A Gift in Memory is a wonderful living tribute to those whose memories still enrich us.
Reason 3: It offers a great gift for the “person who has everything.”  A gift to United Methodist Women in someone’s name may be the most satisfying gift many people will receive this year.
Reason 4: It may be smart tax planning. Anyone age 70.5 or older who must take a required minimum distribution from an IRA can give a gift of up to $100,000 tax free to United Methodist Women.
Reason 5: It’s a creative way to get the most out of investments. A gift of the proceeds from the sale of appreciated assets, such as a stock or a piece of property, qualifies the donor for a charitable tax deduction of the full fair-market value today and avoids the capital gains tax entirely.
Reason 6: It’s a way to say thank-you for the ministry of United Methodist Women. We pause and give thanks for the services of charitable institutions that have enriched our lives. Why not say thanks to United Methodist Women with a year-end gift?
Reason 7: It’s a time to evaluate our assets. As we approach the end of another year, we often stop to “take stock” of our possessions. Occasionally we discover unneeded assets that could easily be given away. For instance, life insurance policies frequently have outlived their original purpose and offer a splendid potential for creative giving. It is often possible to give away unneeded policies and receive the satisfaction of the gift as well as a substantial charitable tax deduction. And when a donor makes a planned gift of any amount to United Methodist Women, she becomes a member of the 1869 Society.
Reason 8: It may be time to complete a past commitment. Whether or not your Pledge to Mission is due by December 31, you may wish to complete your payment by year end. Fulfilling your pledge now gives you an immediate tax deduction and gives United Methodist Women immediate access to needed funds.
Reason 9: It may be time to convert idle assets into a life-income gift. Perhaps you’re considering retirement or some other financial planning challenge. Establishing a life-income gift such as a charitable remainder trust may be just the right way to coordinate your charitable interests with your financial planning goals and support the mission of United Methodist Women at the same time.
Reason 10: It’s the Savior’s birthday! Let us never forget the wonderful gift God has given us in Christ. In gratitude for gifts given to us, members of United Methodist Women are inspired to express our faith through our giving at Christmas time.
Thank you for your generosity in giving for mission throughout the year and particularly in this holy season.

Sandy Wilder is a previous consultant for major and planned giving for United Methodist Women.

Posted or updated: 12/4/2018 12:00:00 AM

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