The “Environmental Justice with Indigenous Peoples” Curriculum

Use this United Methodist Women-funded resource to explore how we can seek justice with our Native American sisters and brothers.

The “Environmental Justice with Indigenous Peoples” Curriculum

Many do not realize that a root cause of climate change and environmental injustice is the Doctrine of Discovery. This doctrine, written by the church in the 15th century, was used by European governments to colonize and subjugate God’s creation and indigenous peoples. As part of The Acts of Repentance Toward Healing Relationships with Indigenous Peoples, United Methodist Women provided funding to Creation Justice Ministries to produce the “Environmental Justice with Indigenous Peoples” curriculum.

The resource provides context of how the Doctrine of Discovery legalized the commodification of God’s creation, enslavement of indigenous peoples and theft of their land and labor to benefit Christian colonizers. The Doctrine of Discovery continues to be used by the U.S. government to deny our Native American sisters and brothers their rights, land and treaties.

Reflect with your Unit, District and Conference

During the month of October, when the federal government celebrates Columbus Day, we invite United Methodist Women members to reflect upon the “Environmental Justice with Indigenous Peoples” resource in their units, districts and conferences to learn and explore how we can seek justice with our Native American sisters and brothers. Creation Justice Ministries, which was formerly the Eco-Justice Program of the National Council of Churches until 2013, educates, equips and mobilizes the constituencies of its 38 members that are Christian communions or denominations to protect, restore and rightly share God's Creation.

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