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United Methodist Women 'Stands in the Red Zone' for Final National Human Trafficking Campaign Event

United Methodist  Women 'Stands in the Red Zone' for Final National Human Trafficking Campaign  Event

"Standing in the Red Zone" is the theme of United Methodist Women's 2018 Intercept Human Trafficking action.

This year's effort marked the end of United Methodist Women's anti-human trafficking initiative, as the organization shifts its efforts and resources to its previously announced mission priorities of climate justice, economic inequality, maternal and child health and mass incarceration/criminalization of communities of color. 

Since 2008, United Methodist Women members across the country have worked tirelessly to raise awareness about the modern-day sale and trafficking of human beings not only around the world but in our own communities. Through the initiative, United Methodist Women members participating in the effort learned to recognize the signs of human trafficking underway in their local communities and how to safely inform law enforcement for an intervention. Members learned that human trafficking cuts across gender lines, with men and boys trafficked as well as women and girls. Members also learned the far-reaching economic impact of human trafficking, including the sale of products made by modern-day "slave" labor.

While United Methodist Women is ending its focus on human trafficking as a national mission priority, the impact of our work through this initiative will continue. During the nine years of the campaign, United Methodist Women has:

  • 2009—Trained 25 conference United Methodist Women social action coordinators to train members to educate their communities about human trafficking. To date, more than 43,000 people have learned about human trafficking through national, conference, district and local events across the country through this effort.
  • Partnered with more than 18 organizations to educate the public about human trafficking and help survivors.
  • Advocated for legislation to help survivors of human trafficking, including:
    • 2008—the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Act Reauthorization, which helps nations combat trafficking and adds protections for children trafficked across U.S. borders.
    • 2013—the Violence Against Women Act, which, among other things, strengthens efforts to prevent child marriages and the purchase in the United States of products made with child and other forced labor.
    • 2015—the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act, which helps survivors rebuild their lives using restitution fines paid by traffickers.
  • Organized members to work against trafficking in their states. Today, every state has at least one anti-trafficking law.
  • 2013—Provided a Christian women's voice on the issue for CBS-TV's "Living in the Shadows: Religion's Response to Human Trafficking." Susie Johnson, United Methodist Women public policy executive, was interviewed for the show about the organization's anti-trafficking work.
  • Participated in anti-trafficking campaigns during Super Bowl weekend.

Resources for "Standing in the Red Zone" are available online at

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