The Why and How of Mission u

United Methodist Women Mission u events help participants grow closer to God and transform the world.

The Why and How of Mission u
Mission u in Houston, June 2017

During the annual meeting of the North Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church this year, my Mission u Dean, Peggy Land, spoke during the conference United Methodist Women’s virtual luncheon. Of course, she gave us all the details about this year’s studies and dates and times for our upcoming event, but for me the most important part of what she said was the why of Mission u.

I didn’t attend Mission u until I was a district officer. As district social action coordinator, I got a scholarship! Thank heavens for that scholarship! Sometimes you just need to get a “taste” of something before you’re willing to invest in it yourself. Wow, that taste was enough for me to know I loved Mission u. I’d say I’ve been “eating up” Mission u ever since. It was such a blessing to hear Land tell us why Mission u is such an important part of who we are as United Methodist Women.

“Mission u has served the members of United Methodist Women and the church for the past 120 years,” Land said. “During that time, thousands of people have gathered in conferences, districts and local groups for transformative learning experiences. United Methodist Women has long understood that education is the key to our discipleship, our relationship to God and our relationship to our siblings throughout the world.

“God invites us to be in mission and we respond to God’s call—through study, service and advocacy. When we study together, we learn about ourselves and one another. We discover the meaning of God’s word and realize the needs in God’s broken world. We respond by putting our learning into action. This learning together, this call to mission, this call to action, this is Mission u.”

These words inspire me and make me very proud of our long history of investing in education that transforms us and calls us to action. The educational experience Mission u provides is a safe and nurturing place for women to be mentored. It is a place to meet the women you want to grow up to be, no matter your age. Mission u is developing women leaders for the organization of United Methodist Women and beyond!

Part of my great cloud of witnesses is the teachers and mentors I’ve met at Mission u. Not only is the why of Mission u important, but the how of Mission u is also essential.

Mission Giving

Mission u is one of the many reasons we want to give generously to Mission Giving. Mission Giving funds Mission u! Your Pledge to Mission supports Mission u. When you send someone a Special Mission Recognition pin, Gift in Mission Card or a Gift in Memory Card, that too helps support Mission u. Every coin you drop in your Thank Bank for the World Thank Offering helps support Mission u!

So, this summer when you are “eating up” Mission u, when you are being informed, challenged, stretched, inspired and transformed, say a prayer of thanksgiving for the amazing program we’ve been “mothering” for all these 120 years, now called Mission u. In that prayer, include all those who work so hard to make Mission u happen every year, and then please remember to give a gift to Mission Giving in gratitude.

Cynthia Rives is vice president of the United Methodist Women Board of Directors.

Posted or updated: 7/6/2021 12:00:00 AM