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United Methodist Women Joins Others in Letter to End Prosecutions

Streamlined prosecution for illegal entry and re-entry at the southern border is "wrong response to immigration."

United Methodist Women Joins Others in Letter to End Prosecutions
A flag at the Ellis Island Museum of Immigration. From one angle, you see the American Flag, from the other, you see immigrants to the U.S.

United Methodist Women joins 171 immigrants’ rights, criminal justice reform, faith-based, and human rights and civil rights organizations as signatories in a letter to Attorney General Lynch. The letter urges the Department of Justice to end prosecutions for illegal entry and re-entry at the southern border.

The  undersigned “express profound concern with the ongoing criminal prosecution by U.S. Attorneys of asylum seekers who have fled their countries seeking safety and of migrants who wish to reunite with their families in the United States. Federal criminal prosecution is the wrong response to immigration at our southern border."

These prosecutions are part of a larger criminalization of communities of color in the U.S. feeding mass incarceration, a United Methodist Women priority concern. It currently is a crime for immigrants to cross the border or re-enter after deportation. Says the letter, "illegal entry and re-entry are now the most prosecuted federal crimes in the U.S. According to the Pew Research Center, the increase in illegal reentry convictions over the past two decades accounts for 48 percent of the growth in total convictions in federal courts over the period." The letter notes that this policy is ineffective, expensive and immoral, and should be ended.

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