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United Methodist Women March for Economic Justice

United Methodist Women March for Economic Justice
United Methodist Women and community activists rally for economic justice in Baxter Square Park in Louisville, Ky.

Thousands of United Methodist Women left their Assembly meetings in the relatively affluent East Louisville downtown area surrounding the Kentucky International Convention Center to stand with low-income neighbors on the city's west side. The women marched several blocks west across 9th Street, which divides East Louisville from West Louisville, to Baxter Square Park, near the Beecher Terrace public housing complex, carrying signs that read: economic injustice = economic insecurity.

Kentucky United Methodist Women, local justice advocates and members of the predominantly African American West Louisville community have been planning the march for nearly a year as a way of raising awareness about the entrenched economic insecurities borne by the community. West Louisville has spent decades in economic decline. This reality was clearly visible to the marchers as they crossed from one neighborhood into the other, just a few blocks apart.

Asked why she marched, Jane Bond of Tahlequah United Methodist Church in eastern Oklahoma said: We always want to put our faith in action. Whenever there is an Assembly action, we are there.

Karen Greenlee, a middle school assistant principal in Little Rock, Ark., agreed. I am marching for equal opportunities for all, for fair and affordable housing. I see homeless families' many headed by women. As an educator, I see firsthand the challenges that women face to provide food, clothing and shelter for their children, even with government support.

Christie R. House is the editor of New World Outlook magazine. Mary Beth Coudal is a blogger and writing instructor based in New York City.

Posted or updated: 4/26/2014 11:00:00 PM