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United Methodist Women Shares Information on ICCR Proxy Voting

United Methodist Women Shares Information on ICCR Proxy Voting

March 7, 2019, NEW YORK – In line with our commitment to be good stewards of financial resources and to support laywomen of faith as they do the same, United Methodist Women today shared the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility’s (ICCR)  Proxy Resolutions and Voting Guide. The document is comprised of 250 ICCR member-sponsored resolutions filed for the 2019 proxies of 163 companies.

“Many of the issues and resolutions addressed in the guide, particularly around climate justice, are UMW priority issues,” said Harriett Jane Olson, president and CEO, United Methodist Women. “We are sharing the guide to promote active ownership for people invested in stocks, bonds and mutual funds. As women of faith, we have been called to be good stewards over everything that has been entrusted to us, including finances. In addition to directing how our resources are invested, we have a responsibility to hold accountable the companies in which we have invested. In situations where these companies violate the public good, we have a responsibility to consider divestment. This guide will assist us hold corporate actors accountable for how they show up in communities across the country.”

The guide includes resolutions on living wages, corporate lobbying, climate change, private prisons and a host of other issues that have a profound impact on the lives of women, children and youth.

“When we’ve engaged with investors, we have learned that some people refrain from voting if they feel they have insufficient information to make good decisions. This guide ensures that a lack of information is not a barrier for engaging with companies that one has invested,” said Elizabeth Lee, executive for economic and environmental justice, United Methodist Women. “We are clear that abstentions, by default, represent votes for management. We believe that being active investors is just another way of putting faith, hope and love into action.”

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