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United Methodist Women Vows to Work Across Difference, Create Inclusive Spaces for All

United Methodist Women Vows to Work Across Difference, Create Inclusive Spaces for All
At a gathering of delegates before General Conference 2019

Feb. 27, 2019, St. Louis, Mo.—As the United Methodist Church concluded its three-day, special session of the General Conference, United Methodist Women vowed to work across differences in the furtherance of mission on behalf of women, children and youth.

United Methodist Women CEO Harriett Jane Olson, issued the following statement:

“The Traditional Plan adopted by General Conference invites clergy, bishops and congregations who do not support the church’s stand regarding LGBTQIA persons to leave the denomination and form another expression of Methodism. However, while our membership has many opinions about the matters considered at General Conference, United Methodist Women stands together, committed to serving women, children and youth. Part of the United Methodist Women Purpose is to be a creative supportive fellowship, and that’s what we intend to do.

“For United Methodist Women, commitment to the Purpose and prayer are the only litmus tests for determining who can belong, who can serve and who can devote themselves to mission. Our differences make us stronger. We continue to be open to any woman who chooses to commit to our Purpose and mission.

“The Special General Conference was difficult for all—even the Traditional Plan adopted may not be enforceable—but LGBTQIA sisters and brothers bear the brunt of the pain. United Methodist Women will continue to pray for our beloved church and stand in solidarity with all those who are in pain.

“United Methodist Women will continue our focus on mission, living out our Christian discipleship together, and addressing the needs of women, children and youth.”

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