2017-Weeping and Waiting for Jesus


2017-Weeping and Waiting for Jesus

John 20:1-18

It is not lost on me that in the Johannine account of Jesus’ triumphant Resurrection, He waited until Peter and John were gone before he revealed Himself to a weeping Mary Magdalene. As the Scripture tells us, Peter and John came running to the tomb in search of Jesus and, seeing nobody there, left and returned home. Mary Magdalene, however, stayed at the tomb weeping and waiting.

What is most peculiar about this text is that Mary Magdalene, in all her weeping and waiting, was the one chosen to evangelize the resurrection of Jesus Christ. A woman, once broken, who wrestled with her own demons, was whom Jesus waited for to reveal Himself.

Oh, the power and purpose of women!

On this Resurrection Sunday, we rejoice that Jesus overcame the grave, giving us access to the Throne of Grace. We also rejoice in knowing that we are women who are commissioned and called to carry the good news of Jesus Christ no matter our stories, our backgrounds or experiences. Even in the moments where we sit at the proverbial tombs of our lives, weeping and waiting for Jesus, we know that Jesus will call our names, awaken us to His presence, and send us off to share with the world how our weeping and waiting turn into jubilant joy.

Alisha L. Gordon, M.Div., is the executive for spiritual growth for the United Methodist Women national office.

Posted or updated: 4/15/2017 12:00:00 AM
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