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Women Support Women and Health in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Women Support Women and Health in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Kyungu Ndala Patience, DRC, makes and sells soap. “If you prepare well, you will succeed," she says.

COVID-19 has changed lives and thinking about health in the Democratic Republic of Congo. According to recent figures, the country has witnessed over 12,500 cases and approximately 330 deaths due to COVID-19. Adhering to measures advised by the WHO (World Health Organization) as well as by local health authorities, people are taught to wash hands regularly with soap and water, which is not always an easy task in a region where clean water is scarce.
Folks are learning to regularly clean surfaces with disinfectant, cover one’s face and implement social distancing. Women who are teaching and learning about COVID-19 are making sure that the information comes from reliable sources, such as local or national public health agencies, the WHO website and local health professionals. Therefore, in addition to making soap and sewing facial coverings, United Methodist Women’s partners are coordinating in the North Katanga area to spread accurate information about the pandemic.  

Women Share Solutions

As is usually the case, it is a community’s women who are most impacted by the virus and quickest to share accurate information and pragmatic solutions. The women on the frontlines in the Democratic Republic of Congo are an ecumenical group: Roman Catholic as well as United Methodist and other denominations and faiths. 

Through the giving of United Methodist Women, the women in North Katanga have been hard at work. While soap and face masks are not only effective as income-generating activities, they are also an integral piece in the fight against the spread of the virus. During this pandemic, the partnerships among women locally and globally are God-given in that the women train other women and show their support for widows, orphans, children, elderly women and others. 

United Methodist Women’s international partners are adapting to meet the increasing needs caused by the worldwide pandemic. Join United Methodist Women to put your faith, hope and love in action with a gift today.

Grace Musuka is a United Methodist Women’s Regional Missionary serving the work and leadership of United Methodist Women organizations in Central Africa. Rev. Makonga Kyakutala Odette is chaplain and communicator for the United Methodist Women Country Team for the Democratic Republic of Congo, translating stories from Swahili into English.

Posted or updated: 11/30/2020 12:00:00 AM

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United Methodist Women Economic Development Initiative (EDI) creates economic opportunities even in the most vulnerable rural communities. The seed grants support women entrepreneurs to start and run viable small enterprises, agribusinesses and income-generating activities. The opportunities that these small grants create for women, their families and communities are powerful catalysts, especially during COVID-19 when the economic situation is becoming more and more insecure.