World Thank Offering: A Harvest of Blessings

World Thank Offering: A Harvest of Blessings
Cynthia Rives

It is World Thank Offering Time again! I love this time of year! It’s a harvest of blessings! When I pour all the coins and dollar bills that I’ve collected over the year into one big pile on my kitchen table, I just glory in all the blessings those coins represent. It is always a thrill!

I try to make giving to the World Thank Offering a yearlong spiritual practice of gratitude and thanksgiving. When I’m especially thankful for something, I find a coin or dollar bill and put it in my Thank Bank which sits on my kitchen window sill and then I say a prayer of gratitude. When I find a coin on the ground or when emptying the washing machine, I think of something I’m thankful for, say a prayer, and put the coin in my Thank Bank. My old washing machine sure helps me increase my gratitude!

With the increased use of debit cards, we don’t seem to have as many coins as we’ve had in the past. So, this coming year I’m going to put little slips of paper next to my Thank Bank, then when I think of something I’m thankful for I can just write an “I owe you” and short note about what I’m thankful for. That way at Thank Bank harvest time next year, I’ll be able to not only pay out the “I owe you(s)”, but I’ll be reminded of all the things I was thankful for throughout the year. What a blessing that will be! It is in giving that we receive!

The World Thank Offering is an important way we increase our Mission Giving but it’s also an opportunity to grow spiritually as we practice living in true gratitude. Please give to the World Thank Offering in whatever way works to you and join me in the blessing!

Cynthia Rives is the vice president of United Methodist Women’s board of directors.

Posted or updated: 11/23/2021 12:00:00 AM

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