Your Mission Giving at Work in Colombia

Your Mission Giving at Work in Colombia
At Taller de Vida's center in Pereira, Colombia.

One of the organizations that United Methodist Women - and your Mission Giving - supports is MADRE.

MADRE partners with grassroots women’s groups worldwide, and works with local populations that United Methodist Women on its own could never reach. The organization partners especially with groups that help women and children who are facing war, disaster and their aftermath.

We just received a report from MADRE, telling us about the work the organization has been doing this year. It includes providing shelters in war-torn Iraq for women who are fleeing sexual violence there, and in Nicaragua helping to launch a women’s rights radio station to support rural women who are often victims of abuse. In Kenya and Nicaragua, Madre helped communities who have been hard-hit by drought and flooding due to climate change.

Therapy Program for Child Soldiers

Through MADRE, United Methodist Women is proud to support a therapy program for women and girl child soldiers in Colombia. MADRE and partner Taller de Vida launched a brand new art therapy and counseling program for former child soldiers in the hard-hit region of El Choco.

After 50 years of war in Colombia, many young women and girls know no other life than that during wartime. Often, they were uprooted from their homes and exploited as child soldiers. With this therapy program, demobilized youth and survivors of sexual and gender-based violence will receive the care and emotional support they need to rebuild their lives and rejoin their communities. United Methodist Women is supporting the program for two years.

We thank MADRE, and all those whose Mission Giving to United Methodist Women is making this kind of support possible.

Posted or updated: 9/22/2016 12:00:00 AM