National Mission Institutions
Volunteer support, prayers and financial gifts help to operate nearly 100 "NMI" projects in the United States.
International Ministries
Funding for projects around the world comes from donations and our members' Pledge to Mission.
Regional Missionaries
Regional Missionaries work with Methodist, United Methodist, ecumenical and grassroots programs advocating for wellness and justice.
United Methodist Women units raise funds to support programs benefiting women, children and youth.
Service and Advocacy
United Methodist Women works with ecumenical and grassroots partners to create systemic change, leading to better lives for women, children and youth.
United Methodist Women Finance
The national office is committed to good stewardship of our members' generous support.

United Methodist Women:
Turning Financial Gifts into Miracles for Women, Children and Youth

United Methodist Women is trusted with pledges and donations from individual members and local member organizations, as well as mission partners and anonymous donors who have a heart for mission.  We support programs in the United States and around the world that benefit women, children and youth - thereby impacting entire communities.  As an agency of The United Methodist Church, United Methodist Women abides by the social principles and discipline as determined by General Conference, giving only to projects in accordance with those guidelines. 

what we don't fund
Find out how mission funds are allocated here.